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⚠️ Prices are being updated for the Creator Store

Roblox is removing Robux as a payment option in the new Creator Store.

Paid plugins (Atmos, InCommand, and Pick) are now being sold for 29 USD, and free plugins (Reclass, Imiji, and Retemplate) are now being sold for 14 USD. The prices of all plugins have been adjusted in Robux to match this.

For more information, and a complete breakdown of what led to this decision and why it’s being done, take a look at the video above.

Thank you and I look forward to releasing new plugins in the Creator Store soon!

Part of the Elttob Suite for Roblox Studio

Built in collaboration with boatbomber, InCommand is a versatile, adaptable command bar replacement, designed with power users in mind.

Sometimes, your code won’t fit on one ↵

So, why not try a multi-line alternative to the command bar? InCommand provides an intuitive and simple multi-line script editor, complete with auto-indentation, syntax highlighting and line numbering.

Rearrange everything.

Unlike the command bar, InCommand is flexible. You can dock it anywhere in Studio or drag it into a floating window. You can even pop out the script editor from the rest of the widget and position it separately. Work how you want.

Save it for later.

Have a useful code snippet you come back to often? InCommand lets you save as many named scripts as you’d like, and organises them alphabetically for you. No more scrolling back through your command history.

Run anything, anywhere.

Whenever you’re testing a game, running a local server or connected to a Team Create session, InCommand adapts. Run code snippets either locally or remotely at the click of a button to access the APIs and instances you need.

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Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

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